Introducing our Exzlt line!

Products dedicated to telling artist's stories & lifting them up!

Defining lines keep you true to yourself.


We do body art to inspire rad people to step outside the box, have fun and be free...

It's a defining line that separates the naysayers, from the people we care about.

If you like it then Knawdy's for you.

Knawdy's for rebel artists & all who support them.

Our goal is to create clothing that inspires you to be courageous and create art, regardless of what others think.



Jake & Kelly Bertelsen created Knawdy. This is what happens when tattoo artists, create a brand supporting all rebel art.

We believe with more people creating art the world will be a better place.

Knawdy Body Art is inspired by:

Joel Alvarez, creator of the Black Tape Project
Thank you for the inspiration, the help, the friendship and your art.

1/2 of all profits go to supporting rebel art.

Knawdy Talk Podcast - What is Knawdy?

Here's to the artistic rebels.